Ecosolid Bamboo Flooring
dasso® Ecosolid Bamboo Flooring offers a unique style to your home, office or commercial space. The globally patented process is revolutionary. This method uses the entire piece of bamboo which in the process is flattened and creates an interesting look and feel like the bamboo forest itself. The end results is a flooring that is extremely durable because of the outer skin layer of the bamboo being preserved which is the hardest part of the bamboo.



One Piece Bamboo Face

Unique Bamboo Cross Knuckle

No Glue Lines on Cutting Surface

100% Natural Bamboo

Hard and Anti-scratched

A. The FOREST features unfurled bamboo with its natural skin as it comes from the forest, revealing that stalk’s unique life story. And The outside skin, which is the hardest part of the bamboo, is the floor's natural finish – simply maintain periodically with a light wax finished.

B. MOMA Collection is classy natural color, extraordinary width and 2G Click Floating Installation system

C. The NEW WORLD Collection is partially removing the natural skin to retain most of unfurled bamboo’s unique character, we then hand stain the planks and apply a UV finish. Underneath our palette of rich stains, the unfurled bamboo continues to reveal all the natural colors, character, and raised cross knuckles that give this Collection its true uniqueness.







Greenland group in Haikou