The use of bamboo as a raw material for parquet and furniture panels is a real innovation. This giant grass creates the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of solutions for flooring, furniture or interior decoration. It is therefore an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional hardwood flooring.
    Although giant bamboo is formally not a wood but agrass, it has excellent hardwood like characteristics: it is very hard and durable. This means bamboo flooring and decking can be used in heavy duty applications. Because of the composition of individual strips, moso bamboo will shrink and swell less than most solid wood species, providing a very stable solution.
    Bamboo is an abundant resource. It grows faster than wood; up to 1 meter per day! Each year the 4-5 year stems are harvested, providing room for the younger bamboo to grow to maturity. After harvesting the mother plant, new shoots continue to develop from the root system
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Bamboo has high anti-radiation capacity, in 1945 the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, left a huge hidden problem of nuclear radiation for the soil surface. Around the explosion center and the surrounding area, the animals were almost completely exterminated, only the bamboo survived. Bamboo can release 35% more oxygen than other plants; it plays an important role in the purification of the air and the stabilization of the earth.