Switch up your outdated composite decking, and upgrade your outdoor area with dassoBEYOND. dassoBEYOND is an Eco-friendly, contemporary, in-style joist that possesses all the favorable qualities for a modern-day buyer. Made from 100% premium-selected Bamboo, BEYOND was designed for longevity, and value. It is an ideal product for consumers who are looking for a sustainable alternative from traditional hardwood joists. Our BEYOND joist is of the highest quality. Having class 1 durability- it is resistant to all kinds of exterior elements such as mold, termites, and fungi; making this 1.97-meter joist a top choice for residential, and commercial projects. Along with leading qualities, BEYOND's installation is straightforward; only needing pre-drilling before it's installation- saving time, as well as ensuring satisfaction and ease.



Hard & Durable with Class 1 durability offers powerful protection

Natural Appearance Creates a beautiful, natural look. It makes you feel like touch the original bamboo forest.

Eco-friendly Resource Made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to expand itself. FSC® available.

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