dasso Bamboo Fire Retardant Panels
The dasso Fire Resistant Panels offer powerful protection against the possibility of an onboard fire. One of the most important precautions you can take against potential fire-related property damage, fire-rated bamboo wall panels, or ceilings can prevent the injuries or fatalities that offer accompany these incidents. Visually appealing fire-rated bamboo panels products, available in multiple variations with respect to design, structure, size, thickness, surface style and color. The other characteristic of dasso fire-retardant panels is acoustic absorption, so these bamboo panels are great for commercial and residential, eg. theatre, museum, airport, huge public venues and so on.

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Excellent Protection – Class A fire-resistant bamboo panels offers powerful protection against the possibility of an onboard fire;


Versatility – Due to the design and materials used, these fire-resistant bamboo panels for walls, ceilings and dividers are incredibly versatile.


Easy Installation – dasso® could provide easy Suspension Installation System


Acoustic Absorption – other characteristics of dasso® fire-resistant bamboo panel is acoustic absorption or resistance to sound.


Eco-friendly resource – Made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to expand itself. FSC® available.


Natural appearance – Creates a beautiful, natural look. It makes you feel like touch the original bamboo forest.


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Madrid Barajas Airport


15 years later – Madrid Airport

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Wuxi Grand Theatre


Wuxi Grand Theatre