dasso Bamboo Acoustic Boards
Bamboo Acoustic Boards are made from bamboo which is processed into various appearances/shapes or combine with the base material to achieve different requirements of acoustic-like voice reflection or absorption. The usage scenario could be the wall, ceiling or dividing of theater, opera house, office and other public areas. Meanwhile, fire resistance and other bespoke requirements are possible. dasso Bamboo Acoustic Boards is available in multiple thicknesses, made with 100% NAUF glue and available FSC certified.
Product CodeSize (mm)StructureDescription
AA-ALBV-4'X8'-12/15L2440*W1200*T12/156 layers

Carbonized bamboo veneer(0.6mm or 0.4mm) with hole pattern+ Aluminum honeycomb+sound-absorbing cotton

AA-ALBV-RWL-19-AL880*W400*T196 layers

Carbonized bamboo veneer (0.6mm) with hole pattern + Aluminum honeycomb+ sound-

absorbing cotton

AA-ALBV-2'X2'-12L600*W600*T126 layersCarbonized bamboo veneer(0.6mm or 0.4mm) with hole pattern + Aluminum honeycomb+sound-absorbing cotton, squared acoustic panel
AA-SBCV-20L2440*W1200*T203 layersCarbonized Solid bamboo with hole pattern, Vertical, finished , T20mm


Natural appearance: Surface is real bamboo, gives a natural appearance.

Acoustic performance: meet the requirement of sound absorption or sound reflection (different structures).

Flexible installation: dasso® develops this product with an installation method, like suspension installation, special clips for easy, safe installation.

A2 class fire resistance: could be A2 (GB8624-2012) / A2-s1, d0 (EN13501-1:2007) fire resistance.

Size customized: length, width, thickness, the structure is flexible to meet the requirement for projects.

Lightweight: special structure with honeycomb, easy for delivery and installation, especially for ceiling application.



Wuxi Grand Theater




Shandong Grand Theater

山东剧院 (4).jpg


Yuhang District Cultural and Arts Center


Cultural and Art Center of Fuzhou Strait



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