dassoCTECH Cladding
dassoCTECH Fused Bamboo Cladding is the great choice in commercial exterior siding, where it ages naturally like wood. Our unique sheathing system with FasTrak offers the most appealing looking rain screen and cladding siding solution available. It reduces wastage and speeds up installation by 50%.

Product codeDescriptionSize(mm)SurfaceEnd MatchFinishRemark
ES18-SSL-5TG-PSSdassoCTECH outdoor oiled Cladding,
shiplap, T&G end match, T-18
L1850*W137*T18S/ST&GOutdoor OiledRegular Order 
ES18-SSL-5TG-PSS-L0dassoCTECH outdoor oiled Cladding,
shiplap, T&G end match, T-18
L1829*W137*T18S/ST&GOutdoor OiledRegular Order 
ES18-WSL-5TG-PSS-L0dassoCTECH outdoor oiled Cladding,
shiplap, T&G end match, T-18
L1829*W178*T18S/ST&GOutdoor OiledRegular Order 
ES12-100G2-PSSdassoCTECH outdoor oiled Cladding,
two long sides grooved, T-12
L1860*W100*T12S/S/Outdoor OiledRegular Order 


 END MATCHED Installation on or off joists

 1582682245915574.pngMatch Installation Available in Sheathing or Batten Installation 

1567607959182280.png Beautiful Classy IPE Color and wooden texture

0资源 3123.png Hard & Durable harder than any other hardwood [EN 1534]; Durability: Class 1

资源 6.png Fire Resistance Class A / B-s1, d0; can be easily applied in public projects

0资源 2123.png Stable & Precise No head side gap between boards with T&G end match

资源 4.png Termite Resistance Reticulitermes santonensis DC D(durable)[EN 117]

资源 3.png Mould Resistance  Class 0 [DIN EN ISO 846:1997-10] [DIN EN 152: 2011]

0资源 4123.png 25 - Year Limited Warranty

0资源 3.png Environment Friendly Bamboo ready for harvest after 4-6 years [compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species] – no deforestation


dassoCTECH to give a backdrop to the bold colors used on the windows and doors, a natural bamboo facade is used to add contrast and character to both the interior and exterior walls.


Please click the following link (bimobject) for bim files.




Please check out these videos to know how to install the cladding!