dasso's Symphony of Sustainability: Larry Lin's Visionary Stewardship about Global Carbon Trading Mechanism at COP28

Dubai, December 7, 2023 — In the vibrant city of Dubai, amidst the bustling energy of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), the distinguished founder of dasso, Larry Lin, took center stage. The BioSphere 3 venue witnessed a remarkable roundtable on December 5. Mr. Lin, alongside key figures like Dr. Deepti Mittal, Paul Moody, and Sofia Jonson, orchestrated a symphony of ideas to combat climate change.


Dr. Deepti Mittal, a stalwart in climate policy, set the tone with a call to arms, emphasizing the vital role of natural solutions. Her plea for result-driven actions integrating economic considerations into sustainable solutions echoed through the grandeur of COP28's BioSphere 3 venue.


Paul Moody, Managing Director of the Chartered Financial Analysts Association, and Sofia Jonson, a Carbon Market Analyst from Climate Partner, joined in praising voluntary emissions reduction initiatives. Their support underscored the pivotal role of proactive environmental stewardship in shaping a sustainable future.


At the heart of this environmental symphony lies the philosophy of sustainable development deeply embedded in China's cultural fabric. Mr. Larry Lin, the visionary founder of the dasso Group, spoke passionately about bamboo—the exquisite gift of nature and the world's second-largest forest resource. Lin emphasized bamboo's meteoric growth rate and carbon sequestration prowess, highlighting its ability to lock away 24.3 tons of carbon annually per hectare.


Reflecting on the past three decades, Larry Lin's environmental stewardship through the dasso Group resonates strongly. Over the years, the company's commitment to crafting environmentally friendly and carbon-storing bamboo products has been unwavering. The portfolio, meticulously cultivated for sustainability, stands as a testament to a three-decade-long journey dedicated to elevating environmental responsibility.


A decade ago, at COP20 in Lima, Larry Lin and Wang Shi Founder of Vanke   unveiled the eco-poetry of bamboo, showcasing its eco-friendly splendor and intrinsic value in Chinese aesthetics. Fast forward to COP28, and Larry Lin once again takes the stage, revealing the triumphant strides of the dasso Group in avant-garde green building materials.


dasso's legacy unfolds across diverse domains, from outdoor constructions to interior adornments and finished bamboo furniture. A paradigmatic example is the visionary integration of bamboo by real estate titan Vanke, turning their Shenzhen headquarters into the BioSphere 3 · Dameisha Carbon Neutral Experimental Park—an embodiment of nature and bamboo as the pinnacle of green building materials.

Experts from various environmental protection fields worldwide expressed their deep interest in the practical application of bamboo products in different fields to Tony Wang, the Director of dasso Group Overseas, at the Biosphere 3 venue. The global recognition and favor further underscore the leading position of dasso Group in the field of sustainable building materials.


Larry Lin's presence at COP28 is not just a testament; it's a symphony resonating dasso's commitment to pioneering sustainable innovation. Bamboo emerges as a luminary force propelling global initiatives toward an ecologically harmonious future.

dasso's Three Decades of Dedication to Carbon Sequestration


The past three decades reveals dasso's unparalleled dedication to environmental stewardship. The cornerstone of this commitment is dasso's persistent endeavor to create bamboo products as stalwart soldiers in the fight against carbon emissions.


Larry Lin expressed, "Our relentless pursuit of creating bamboo products beyond aesthetics has been at the forefront of our mission. Bamboo is not merely a resource but a formidable ally in the battle against climate change. Our products are not just artifacts but carriers of a carbon-neutral narrative."


dasso's bamboo products stand as emissaries of a greener tomorrow, harnessed to lock away carbon. At COP28, Larry Lin showcased the aesthetic allure of bamboo and its potent role as a carbon sink, venturing into the realm of carbon negativity. dasso's legacy of the past three decades is a profound commitment to fostering a carbon-neutral future.


As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainable solutions, dasso stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a future where every product contributes to a greener, cleaner planet. Larry Lin's visionary stewardship at COP28 signals a commitment and a clarion call for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.