Favorable outcome for Dasso after investigations by Dutch authorities

In our latest news publication dated 14 April 2021 we informed our customers and other parties about the results of the lawsuit against Moso International B.V. In recent years, Moso has been spreading a lot of misinformation about Dasso and its products. That is why we believe it is important to provide an update of the situation.

Dasso has been a reliable manufacturer of bamboo products for over 28 years. Moso used to be a distributor of our products, which have been supplied to Moso from 1997 up until 2018. Within that period, Dassos bamboo products have been used in many renowned Europe projects, such as Madrid Airport. 

Unfortunately, Dasso was forced to terminate the distribution agreement with Moso due to Mosos unlawful activities. Following the termination, Moso started to express threats not only towards Dasso, but also to Dasso’s distributors and customers. Moso addressed Dasso’s global distributors and customers with false claims and threats related to dassoCTECH®. Moso demanded them to cease the sale of dassoCTECH® under the threat that if they refused to comply, then Moso would lodge complaints with regulatory authorities in Europe. As the threats were not given into, Moso indeed filed administrative notifications with the relevant authorities, including in the Netherlands.

Moso notified the authorities about its (incorrect) suspicion that dassoCTECH® products from Dasso would contain harmful substances. Dasso has been overwhelmed and surprised by the fact that Moso publicly questions and contests the quality of Dassos bamboo products. Moso has experienced for more than 21 years that Dasso produces reliable and safe bamboo products of good quality. 

Mosos motives were not the result of any possible incidents or safety concerns but should, considering the foregoing, be expected to be of a competitive nature. The authorities in the Netherlands have thoroughly investigated dassoCTECH®. Of course, Dasso has been doing everything in its power to convince and prove the authorities that dassoCTECH® is safe and complies with EU regulations. Dasso submitted a lot of documentation, such as test reports prepared by independent (EU) test institutes, research reports and statements from various parties. Eventually, the authorities confirmed that there is no ground to conclude that dassoCTECH® contains harmful substances. We are very pleased that Dasso has prevailed.Compliance with all laws and regulations is Dasso’s top priority - its products are of the highest quality and are safe for use. We look forward to the future and expect a lot of beautiful projects to be installed by our partners in the coming years.