dasso is in action to resume production after Spring Festival

DASSO is in action to resume production after Spring festival


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has drawn fresh attention from all walks of life in China's 2020 Spring Festival holiday.

dasso® has promptly established an emergency working group for the new pneumonia on January 21st, and has made systematic arrangements in the areas of supply chain, communication guarantee, field service, and employee health and safety.


Staff members work at a workshop of the Zhushang branch of dasso Group in Hangzhou, sortheast China's Zhejiang Province, Feb. 18, 2020. Some 200 staff members, who has the health QR codes have returned to work here and about 90 percent of the production capacity of the plant has been resumed after comprehensive measures taken to prevent and control the epidemic. Actually, the 8 manufacturing facilities and plants of dasso group has resumed production now.


While united efforts are being made to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, since Monday industrial production and business operation have been resuming gradually. Dasso Group is sparing no efforts in fulfilling the production and hopes that China’s bamboo industry will be restored to vitality and prosperity quickly.

Internally, to protect the health and safety of employees, DASSO has established emergency measures for prevention and control, and is promoting them in an orderly manner. These measures are supporting employees in epidemic areas, guaranteeing emergency materials, extending the Spring Festival holidays, reducing employee mobility at home and abroad, enhancing work area hygiene, and etc. 

DASSO has issued Emergency Preparedness Guide about the new coronavirus pneumonia to all employees, and has distributed masks to all employees for free. In the meantime, all employees are required to check in their health status on a daily basis through Ding Talk, one of the platforms of Alibaba.


Taking temperature checks of people accessing office buildings, DASSO has set up a temporary rest area for people with abnormal body temperature. At the same time, DASSO has established communication channels with local governments and hospitals to ensure timely support in case of emergencies.

dasso® has vigorously strengthened the cleaning of relevant places, including offices, canteens, dormitories, and shuttle buses, and increased the frequency of disinfection for several areas, especially in canteens, conference rooms, elevators, plants and dormitories to ensure environmental hygiene.


Meanwhile dasso® has vigorously strengthened the cleaning of plants and increased the frequency of disinfection for our products like dassoXTR®, dassoCTECH, dasso ELEMTNS, dassoFLOORING and etc without affecting quality.