Leadership Training Course successfully completed

Leadership Training Course for mid-level management in Dasso was successfully completed.

At the beginning of the year, the mid-level management of Dasso finally ushered the closing moment of the Leadership Training Course jointly held by Dasso company and Quantum University.


On February 16th, Dasso Leadership Training Course was held in Dasso Training Center. In addition to all middle-level managers and high leaders in Dasso and Quantum University participated in the graduation ceremony as well.



At the commencement, representatives of outstanding students and class committee delivered acceptance speeches respectively, after they are award honorary certificates and prizes by the leaders of Dasso.

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The training lasted 721 days, including 96 class hours, 12 courses and two outdoor league building activities.


The ending of the training course also indicates a fresh start. Learning for Practice, Integration of Knowledge and Practice. All trainees will learn to apply the­­ knowledge acquired from the training in practice, to provide green bamboo technology production with excellent quality customers in a low cost for is our common goal!

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