dassoCTECH PLUS 3050
dassoCTECH PLUS outdoor bamboo is processed from renewable bamboo, which is eco-friendly. The implementation of the patented CeramiX technology ensures the excellent quality, such as high durability, high fire-rating, and high stability. The 3050mm length is high-end and atmospheric; offers the possibility to choose between either the grooved or the flat surface; suitable for the outdoor landscape, platform plank road, swimming pool, and other commercial places or family residences.
Product codeDescriptionSize(mm)SurfaceFinishRemark
ELD20-SG2-PSVdassoCTECH PLUS outdoor oiled decking, Smooth & V-grooved, T-20, W-137L3050*W137*T20S/VOutdoor OiledRegular Order
ELD20-SG2-PSRdassoCTECH PLUS outdoor oiled decking,  Smooth & Reeded, T-20, W-137L3050*W137*T20S/ROutdoor OiledRegular Order
ELD20-MG2-PSVdassoCTECH PLUS outdoor oiled decking, Smooth & V-grooved, T-20, W-155L3050*W155*T20S/VOutdoor OiledRegular Order
ELD20-MG2-PSRdassoCTECH PLUS outdoor oiled decking,  Smooth & Reeded, T-20, W-155L3050*W155*T20S/ROutdoor OiledRegular Order


a15df10a0c8c18720f33c33755a10c9.pngElegance Lengthy size, choice for width, no screw on the surface

a15df10a0c8c18720f33c33755a10c9.pngInnovation Breakthrough technology and facilities to make the extra length in 3050mm.

a15df10a0c8c18720f33c33755a10c9.pngEasy Installation Cut for more length choices, hidden clips installation.

0资源 3.png Environment Friendly Bamboo ready for harvest after 4-6 years getting mature [compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species] – no deforestation

资源 6.png Fire Resistance Class A / Bfl-s1; can be easily applied in public projects

资源 4.png Termite Resistance Reticulitermes santonensis DC D(durable)[EN 117]

1574816385284514.png Mould Resistance  Class 0 [DIN EN ISO 846:1997-10] [DIN EN 152: 2011]

1574816438863273.png Hard & Durable harder than any other hardwood [EN 1534]; Durability: Class 1

1574816415477368.png Stable & Precise No head side gap between boards with T&G end match

1574816306185629.png 25 - Year Limited Warranty

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