Dasso’s Fused Bamboo® Awarded ICC-ES Approval

Dasso Group, the manufacturer of the patented dasso Fused Bamboo for Exterior Use, dassoXTR® and dassoCTECH® is awarded ICC-ES approval for use as Decking and Cladding System. The award is considered the first in bamboo base strand that is approved by ICC-ES tested to the code on both categories. Generally, the ICC report verifies that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements. The report also provides information about what acceptance criteria were used to evaluate a product, and how the product should be identified and installed. Both the product systems were tested and show a result of Class A Fire-rating, Durability Class, resistance to mold and termite attackand and wind load.

Dasso Group manufacture two closely related technologies;  dassoXTR® “heat treatment Technology (patented) and dassoCTECH CeramiX® Technology. Here is the different between dassoXTR® and dassoCTECH®:


Apart from the superb physical properties, both dassoXTR, dassoCTECH Decking and Cladding System include a full installation system with fastener and accessories that meet and exceed required structural strength and wind resistance fully tested by ICC-ES.  For the details please refer to ESR-3936” and “ESP-3937” by following the link:  https://www.dassogroup.com/download.html

“dasso vision was to provide the market with a superior outdoor material that is not just environmental friendly and sustainable, but also meets all the necessary safe and structural properties needed in replacing tropical hardwood that is getting difficult to source.”said Tony Wang, dasso Group International Sales Director.

On another note, Dasso bamboo products are also EPD certified which contribute to LEED and BREEAM green building certification. The ICC-ES and EPD dual-certification is an obvious choice for the 21st century building material.


For more information, please visit www.dassoGroup.com or www.dassoXTR.com

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