2022 Dasso New Launching – dassoCTECH PLUS 3050mm

Dasso, as a global innovator of bamboo products is committed to continuous research and development and innovation. Since 2008, all exterior bamboo decking has a fixed length of 6 feet. In order to fulfill market demand of longer bamboo boards. Dasso has established a new system for the supply of raw materials and innovated the production facilities. In March 2022, dasso announced the breakthrough of length in 3050mm dassoCTECH Plus, becoming the leading manufacturer of longest bamboo outdoor flooring in the world.




dassoCTECH Plus 3050mm is elegant and luxury with original bamboo grain in Cognac color; two long grooved sides available for the hidden faster installation system which makes it no screw on the surface; 3050mm length could be easy installation and cut for more length choices, comes to the less joints at the short ends. This high-end and atmospheric 3050mm decking suitable for the outdoor landscape, platform plank road, swimming pool and other commercial places or residences.




dassoCTECH Plus 3050mm is a green, environmental friendly and sustainable product which processed from renewable bamboo. As known, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on earth and every 4-6 years bamboo are maturity to be harvested; Bamboo is propagated by itself and is a renewable resource; Annual organic carbon sequestration of bamboo forest is 9.94 tons which plays an important role in the carbon cycle; dassoCTECH Plus has EPD Certification (EPD No.: S-P-01928), contributing to green building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM and GREEN STAR.



High Performance

Carbonization of bamboo strips to remove part of nutrients from bamboo cell, makes it stable and turns it into Cognac color; the patented CeramiX ® technology crystalizes the bamboo fiber to achieve high performance that is eligible for outdoor application; Through the high temperature and high pressure pressing, using a 3200 ton large press- the bamboo strips and phenolic resin glue become fused together to form high density bamboo outdoor timber panels. The density is 1200 KG per M3, much higher than hardwoods.

After being tested by international standards, the performance of dassoCTECH is as follows: Class A/Bfl-s1 fire resistance, class 0 mould resistance, Class 1 durability, termite resistance, high stability and so on. 


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