Three Decades Of Bamboo Dedication, A Century Of Green Journey

Three decades of bamboo dedication,we aspire to stride into a century of green journey.


From 1993 to 2023, dasso has traversed thirty years of challenges and triumphs. The 30th anniversary marks a new beginning of dasso's development and endows us with increasing responsibilities and commitments. Since our inception, dasso has remained steadfast in its original mission, transforming the ordinary into the extra ordinary.


In the context of “duo carbon" goals (Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality), we have profoundly recognized the significant potential of the scientific utilization of bamboo in mitigating the global greenhouse effect, promoting forest conservation and enhancing the ecological environment. dasso takes pride in its three-decade-long dedication and is committed to forging ahead on the path of technological innovation, remaining faithful to our mission as the Global innovator of bamboo products. We will continue to contribute to the realization of the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality goals and the pursuit of green development. 

For this purpose, we hosted a series of celebratory events in Hangzhou on 29th, October, 2023. Three key activities stand out in the grand celebration – Global Partner's dasso Trip for the 30th Anniversary2023 International Forum on Innovation and Development on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Control and Dasso's 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.


1. Global Partner’s dasso Trip for the 30th Anniversary


On the occasion of dasso's 30th anniversary, we express our deepest gratitude and respect to the experts from various fields and friends from diverse backgrounds who have been steadfastly supporting our growth. We invited our partners to an impressive tour of our state-of-art manufacturing facilities dedicated to bamboo engineering utilization. During this visitwe together explore various projects showcasing innovative bamboo applications, highlighting its diverse and versatile potential. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.



Factory visit to Jiangxi Zhushang Bamboo Industrial Co.,Ltd & Fujian Dasso Industry Co., Ltd.


Visit to Hangzhou Xinzhu Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd.


Factory visit to Hangzhou Zhuangyi Funiture Co., Ltd


Take a walk in Bamboo Forest


Project visit to HWA Fashion Group


Project visit to Jiangxi Bamboo Technology Center


Project visit to the Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre


A Journey into China's Tea Culture


Tour in Hangzhou

2. 2023 International Forum on Innovation and Development on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Control:


Embracing a forward-thinking approachdasso stands at the forefront of the global endeavor to combat climate change and advocate for sustainable practices. The 2023 International Forum on Innovation and Development on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Control serves as a testament to Dasso's commitment to dialogue and collaboration on pivotal environmental issues.


In this forum, government officers, academics, industry experts and friends are warmly invited to collaboratively delve into the subjects concerning the innovative development of the bamboo industry and strategies for Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality control.


Welcome speech and Keynote Speech - “Limited Life to Us, Infinite Gratefulness to You”  by Larry Lin, dasso Founder

Larry's address took us on a journey through dasso's thirty-year story, expressing heartfelt gratitude and well-wishes to all clients, whether present or unable to attend. Human life may be brief, but bamboo's life and the collaboration endure indefinitely.


"Employing a holistic approach that integrates physical, chemical, and various methodologies, we aim to synergize the targeted utilization of bamboo, bamboo shoots, and other resources. This endeavor involves conducting fundamental and pivotal research on both basic and advanced technologies, with a dedicated emphasis on fortifying the engineering aspects of key technologies and advancing the development of essential equipment. These efforts are spearheaded by Jiang Jianchun, an esteemed Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a dedicated Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, Chinese Academy of Forestry."


European Carbon Reduction policies and implications for importing building materials into EU” by Fabian Michael Kleophas, F.W. Barth Managing director


Speech by Antoine Duboille, Chief Representative of dasso Europe- Spain, France


dasso Report On Green Manufacturing And Carbon Dual Control


Unveiling Ceremony of Innovation Centre for the Engineered Utilization of Bamboo Materials


The Signing Ceremony for the Biosphere 3 Strategic Cooperation Project Contract


Roundtable Dialogue On Challenges Of Carbon Dual Control Strategy

Attendee: Wu ShengfuWang GeYu WenjiJean-Luc, Cristian Rodriguez, Misawa Masanori, Michel Vrijland, Zhang Zhongtao


3. Dasso's 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner:


The festivities will culminate in a grand dinner party, a moment of joy, camaraderie. Here's to a future filled with continued success and shared accomplishments!


Speeches from dasso Founder Larry Lin and dasso CEO Frank Xu, reflected on the company's journey, expressed gratitude to all who contributed to its success, and outlined the vision for the future.


Awards were presented to our team members who have played pivotal roles in dasso's growth and success. From the production team to the sales team, from the R&D team to the Q&C team, we’ve got it covered. You are incredibly valued!



In conclusion, Dasso's 30th Anniversary Celebration is not just a reflection of past achievements but a bold statement of intent for the future. Through the 2023 International Forum on Innovation and Development on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Control and the Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Dasso showcases its dedication to sustainable practices, innovation, and a commitment to being a positive force for change in the world. Here's to 30 years of excellence, and to many more years of shaping a sustainable and innovative future!


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